By the way: Mt Eden meander

Hovi and I love to take huge walks in the weekend and today, my pretties, was no exception. We parked in Mt Eden village and headed down the road to see what we could see. First up a coffee was a must and we stopped off at a newbie (for us) called Altar located in a beautiful old homestead. Love at first sight.


The good news was the coffee wasn’t hideous. Alright actually. The same couldn’t be said for Hovi’s hot chocolate (his poison of choice). Milky tasteless shiz but at least it came with a chocolate fish right?

Walking along we came across this fabulous house. We do this all the time. It’s like a walking house bus where we point and oo and ahhh and dream what if, maybe.


Speaking of fabulous I came across these little beauties in the window of the French Emporium. Syphons, I swoon….imagine these in your bar set up?


And just because it’s very almost spring, this blossom lined street almost made me want to move to Mt Eden pronto.


Happy Saturday everyone.


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