Before & after: my crafty desk

Ok. I have a confession. I am not the best DIY person in the world, not even in my DIY dreams. But I’m learning and I love to give things a good go, patience not withstanding.

I’ve always wanted a little crafty desk to store in one place my paints and brushes, wrapping paper, crafty stuff and ribbons. They’ve always been stuffed under the bed and in random boxes so a few months ago I picked up a “little beaten up and seen better days” desk from Trade Me for a few cents. It used to be belong to a school and frankly in its better days, it suffered from the ’70’s ugly stick. I was determined to makeover this little sucker!

I did a bit of research on Mr Google and oohed and ahhed over many transformations and possibilities. With chevron patterns, amazing stencils and ombré paint shades dancing before my eyes, I decided to keep it pretty simple. Yep, I stuck to good old white. But! I did give the little lady (obviously this piece of furniture was determined to be a girl) a bit of a fancy turquoise interior.

I dilly dallied over paint selections, pretty knobs and how to actually to paint a piece of furniture.

So after sanding, priming, painting and styling, I present to you my first before and after!

Here’s the before:


And the glorious after. Ta dah!!!


And here’s some close up shots:


It’s not perfect. Far from it. But I love that I have a little place to store all my crafty knick knacks and that I did it myself.

What pieces of furniture have you made over or dreamt of transforming?


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