The Sunday Domestic Goddess

I think I’ve earned that title today! Not only did I clean, scrub, vaccum, do a few loads of washing, and do a bit of a grocery shop, I made three huge meals to see Hovi and I out for the week. Plus my mum is coming up from Palmerston North next Friday so a bit of pre-made food in the freezer will see us alright.

First up in the cooking stakes was making an amazing lasagne from Nigella’s latest cookbook “Nigellisima”. First up it has hardly any cheese (and I loooooove cheese) but trying to not consume my weight in lasagne in one meal is a bonus. It’s plumped up with boiled egg and ham and some artfully arranged mozzarella throughout the layers.

Nigella lasagne

Accompanied by a glass of this…ok, maybe a few of these…

Glass of wine

…it made me want to dive into the lasagne straight away. It’s so pretty right?

Finished Nigella Lasagne

But no. Onwards to the next meal. A very quick and tasty beef stew thatI’ve made before courtesy of a recipe from American Food.  Lots of stewing beef and an armload of veges. Have I mentioned by now my forearm is seriously aching due to the mountain of veges I’ve chopped? It’s hard  work being a domestic goddess I tell ya.

Here’s the stew studiously bubbling away.

Quick beef stew

Not to be outdone a final pot of homemade vege soup.

Vege soup

And which of the three are we having for Sunday night dins? I think the stew with some crusty cheesy bread. What have you been doing this Sunday?




One thought on “The Sunday Domestic Goddess

  1. Mouth wateringly good looking food Hardy. It’s admirable to get repetitive strain injury from being a domestic goddess.

    I had brunch at Blake St cafe in Ponsonby. Always a favourite, the owners are friendly and easy going and they didn’t scoff at me when I asked them to turn the music down because I had a hangover headache.

    It’s usually busy there on the weekend but when we arrived it was empty…when we left it was half packed. Eateries should rent me out to attract a crowd.

    Hope the stew was as delicious as it looked. What a perfect Sunday you created.

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