A bathroom cupboard rendezvous

I have a guilty secret. And it lurks beneath my bathroom sink.

Bathroom cupboard

Yep. Somehow a cluttered, messy hodge podge of crap has taken residence in my bathroom cupboard. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. So I decided to take it in hand and give it a bit of sexy time.

I purchased two cool retro housekeeping boxes from The Warehouse as well as two plastic bins. $14.95 for each of the housekeeping boxes and $3 for each of the plastic bins. Bargain! Gotta love The Warehouse.

The Warehouse boxes

First up I removed everything and took the opportunity to throw out some stuff and get reacquainted with some items I had totally forgotten about. Watup Label M Blowout spray! And how did I end up with three extra hairbrushes? After biffing a whole lot of stuff, I gave the cupboards a good ol’ scour. Hmmm, it had been a while.

Then came the fun part. Sorting out all of our bathroom stuff (95% mine, 5% Hovi’s) into their new little homes. I also sorted out all of my makeup remover pads and cotton buds into mason jars (those jars have a million and one uses – also from The Warehouse. (By the way this post isn’t a paid promotion for The Warehouse or anything).

And now for the glamourous reveal. Ta dah!

Bathroom cupboard reveal close up

This was worthy of a happy dance. And I did. Here’s a photo from a bit further away.

Bathroom cupboard reveal long shot

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something uniquely satisfying about rearranging cupboards and drawers. Even The Hovis was impressed. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Now, time to think of the linen cupboard, the hallway closet…

What have you been rearranging lately?



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