Bringing out the JuJu how to

One day at work not so long ago my friend EJ asked whether I knew how to make a JuJu hat. I had seen some of these marvellous creations in a number of home decor magazines but hadn’t thought about whether it would be possible to make one.

Being an ever intrepid interwebs interloper, I jumped onto Mr Google and found a few how to’s such as which has a pretty straight forward guide. Easy, I thought. I just needed to source some feathers and boom! One JuJu hat here we come.

JuJu Hat courtesy of
JuJu Hat courtesy of

Except sourcing strung feathers in New Zealand proved to be a tad difficult. You can get them from overseas but I would have been looking at spending $150 on feathers alone! Er, I didn’t want to explain that to The Hovis.

However, $150 compared with $650 NZD for one of these lovelies on MintSix did seem a bargain.

JuJu hat courtesy of MintSix
JuJu hat courtesy of MintSix

What’s a girl to do? Make a wool version! I found this how to on FlutterFlutter with an easy to make guide. I jumped to Spotlight in Wairau Park, selected some wool (couldn’t find exactly what I wanted but I had the JuJu bug and I…had…to…make…it…right…now.

I bought some plain off-white wool and some caramel wool for contrast (Spotlight only had 3x of the off-white balls so had no choice really) and some bright red yarn.

It was actually therapeutic cutting all those stands, I wish I could actually knit (some dodgy knit one purl one is all I can manage).

After cutting and snipping for a good few hours with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth, here are the results.

My very own JuJu creations. Kind of like giant pom poms!
My very own JuJu creations. Kind of like giant pom poms!

And if you attempt to make a JuJu yourself here are a few tips:

  • wool strands can be slippery little buggers so keep an eye on the uniformity of each strand
  • for my red JuJu hat, because it was bigger, I was cutting strands from four balls of wool at the same time which saved more time in the process. I just made sure each of the four strands started and ended in the same place
  • make sure that the bits of  wool that each bunch is tied with is a good length of yarn, all important when tying the wool at the back of the cardboard
  • I still found I had to give the JuJu hats a bit of a haircut at the end to make sure they looked uniform
  • and if you’re making a coloured JuJu, buy cardboard in the same colour (didn’t think about that for my red one).

Mine aren’t perfect but I still love them! I want to make some more in a few different colours.

And now I just have to find a place to hang them. And I will tackle that feather JuJu hat one day…up for it EJ?




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