A trip down Ponsonby lane…

What to do when you have a Thursday off (yipee!) and a whole day to spend with your mum? You get up early. That’s right, early and even earlier then usual. That’s because we wanted to share in the Shed 10 experience in downtown Auckland watching Team New Zealand vs Oracle in the yacht racing.

Off the bus and with a fresh coffee in hand, we settled in to watch two races and hopefully see Team New Zealand take home the Auld Mug. Shed 10 (for those of you unfamiliar with this bit of architecture was built in 1910 and is the only remaining original building left on the wharf) was full of Kiwis and a few lonesome Oracle or American supporters and it became more packed as the racing went on.

That's mama helping to cheer on Team New Zealand
That’s mama helping to cheer on Team New Zealand

Us Kiwis can be fairly conservative when it comes to waving the flag, but for this sporting event there was a lot of yelling, clapping and general hullabaloo going on. And we won the first race – whoo hoo! With the second race cancelled due to high wind (boo) we jumped onto a bus to one of my favourite ‘burbs – Ponsonby.

I thought we’d concentrate our Ponsonby trip to 2-3 blocks of great shopping, interesting finds and yummy food.

Starting from the Western Park end, we ducked into Bioattic where we admired the potted succulents with macramé plant holders (sadly only a lonesome terrarium today, usually a happy tribe of terrariums nest on the shelves); we did a slow circuit of Bob & Friends where I fell in love all over again with these cool science-like lamps (saw them on my last visit where I stopped to admire them); said hello to a cool ceramic dog (I would call him Winston, wouldn’t you?); and coo-ed over some amazing crystal bulbs that luckily were nestled safely under the counter away from my prying fingers).

Bioattic and Bob & Friends
Bioattic and Bob & Friends

Then it down the stairs to Endemic World, a fab print shop that I have purchased a few wee goods from previously. I immediately spotted some smaller sized prints by Margaret Petchell. I especially love the budgies Cyril and Claris. I wanted to buy them immediately. Then I saw this abso fabulous print of a Stag by Cut Collective. I was really tempted to tuck him under my arm and take him home to show him a good time. He looked so lonely being the last print left and all. Alas, he was a tad pricy. But one day I will come back for Cyril or Claris or both. One day…

Gorg prints at Endemic World
Gorg prints at Endemic World

Then it was off to dear Flotsam & Jetsam to see what vintage American goodies they had in store. Apart from the usual tempting array of vintage signs and kitchenware,  I quite liked these cool advertising rulers (I can see them arranged on a wall at different heights) and I couldn’t go past Mr Rabbit. Those who know me know I have a thing for taxidermy and dead animals but that’s another story.

The bunny rules at Flotsam & Jetsam
The bunny rules at Flotsam & Jetsam

Then passing The Fairy Shop I spotted these very cute jars each containing a little woodland scene made by Pietche (think I’ve spelt this wrong). This one is a cute little fox. Speaking of foxes, my roving eye caught the attention of this little hanging fella at Macy Home. He decided to make friends and come home with me. I’m not sure where he’ll end up hanging out but he’s a fun and quirky addition to my little menagerie of animal decor.

Foxy! Mr Fox on a hanger from Macy Home and little foxy jar a la Pietche
Foxy! Mr Fox on a hanger from Macy Home and little foxy jar a la Pietche

Then it was off to Ponsonby Central for a delicious margarita pizza at Dantes – isn’t their pizza oven amazing? It was a bit of chilly day in ol’ Auckland so it was tempting to hang out and eat pizza by the oven all day.

Yummy Dante's pizza at Ponsonby Central
Yummy Dante’s pizza at Ponsonby Central

But we were off to check out and admire the fine wares at each Ponsonby Central establishment including Weekend Trader, a fabulous mix of vintage industrial. Hello terrarium! And hello little deer skin covered stool. You are too cute for words.

Treasures at Weekend Trader
Treasures at Weekend Trader

Before we left Ponsonby Central we simply had to sample the delights of Foxtrot Parlour. Looking at their cabinet of homemade delicious bakery, we decided on some donuts. And not any old donuts. These ones came with a choice of fillings such as berry and salted caramel served in a metal syringe to inject your donut with. And with a side of cream, how fancy is that? For those Aucklanders with a serious donut fetish you should check it out.

Foxtrot Parlour donuts complete with filling filled syringes. So fancy
Foxtrot Parlour donuts complete with filling filled syringes. So fancy

Alas, that was the end of our trip down Ponsonby Lane. Until next time.

What are some of your favourite places to visit?




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