Shut the shelf up: give your bookcases the once over

Style up your bookshelves
Stylin’ up my bookshelves.

If you’re anything like me you like to collect lots of stuff. I love my books, my vintage finds, travelling mementoes and the occasional dead thing (antlers, animal skins etc).

The thing is I have too much of them. And Hovi would be quite happy if I binned 80% of it (especially the dead things). But I love my stuff, I feel emotionally attached to a lot of it and I love things that tell a story.

But when you’re living in a small house how do you curate all that “stuff”?

This past weekend I took a long hard look at one of my bookshelves in our wee dining nook. It was packed full of things including a light covering of dust. Time to take stock and get rid, store away and make my shelves look pretty (there’s no before photo sorry, I got stuck in and enthused before I remembered. I do promise I have a pile of ex bookshelf stuff in the hallway I still need to lug into the garage).

One of the things I’ve learnt is to keep things you especially love to see everyday and to colour block your books (I obviously lapse from time to time). Here’s what I did:

1. Removed the washing rack (it’s terrible but we have a Chinese laundry in our dining/lounge room most of the time
2. Removed everything from the shelves
3. Stacked all unwanted books (shhh..don’t tell them) into piles in the hallway to be taken away to the garI love my little collections on display.?age for storing
4. Threw out old magazines that weren’t worth keeping and stockpiled a number for donation
5. Cleaned the shelves (dust equals gross)
6. Assessed what was left. Decided on a plan to restock the magazines and books first. I do love my Vogues, Mindfood and home stylin’ mags!
7. I have a bit of a china collection so my two most valuable and sentimental sets are now neatly packed in cute wooden crates I’ve picked for a few pennies along the way
8. Placed my other mementos in an attractive manner (I hope)

I particularly love my hand me down china, my little green elephant from Kenya (hiding just below a box of china) and my recent trade me acquisition of an incomplete art deco cutlery set. I also love my vintage box brownie that sits under the glass dome and my elegant little Egyptian head. And aren’t Hovi’s childhood car and bike cute?

There you have it. While I would love to zing up the walls with a lick of paint or wallpaper, our house is a rental so we have to make do with what we have (pun obviously intended).

What have you been stylin’ up recently?




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