Deck it out: Part 1

Hello plants
Hello plants

Just off our lounge Hovi and I have a great little deck that has glimpses of the sea and a great view of Rangitoto, a dormant volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland.

While we may have a great view looking out to sea, the view of our deck, well…not so much. We are in the throes of spring here and our deck was looking unloved, unwashed, and uninteresting after a relatively mild winter.

The deck looking not so attractive
The deck looking not so attractive

It was time to start a little deck it out makeover.

Firstly, we scrubbed and scrubbed all the mildew off (ewwee) and rinsed everything clean. It was starting to feel better already. Then it was time to jazz up the deck with some plants and flowers. Because our deck is like the surface of the sun in summer, I chose some some (hopefully) hardy plants that will stand the test of time – a variety of succulents, lavender and flowering plants that promised on the label to withstand a tropical heatwave.

So it’s a start. I would also like to add some more plants of various heights, move some yukkas from the other side of the house to the deck, biff the old inherited table and chairs (there is really nothing I can do those babies to make them nicer, they’ll on their last legs – ha) and buy some new or decent second hand ones.

Oh, and we’ve also started planting out our new garden with some vegetables and herbs (well, at least some strawberries). I’ll share an update on that soon.

Have you been decking out your outdoor living spaces?



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