Cocktail du jour: Lemon gin fizz

Lemon Gin Fizz
Lemon Gin Fizz

I’m a bit of a lemon fiend. And I love a good gin. Put both together and it’s pretty near perfection in my book.

This past Sunday was blissfully sunny and after a weekend of hard graft (I’ll let you know what I got up to soon) a well deserved gin was called for.

I’m more a of free pouring type of girl, so measure up each ingredient according to taste.

Chilled Bombay Sapphire Gin (or your gin of choice)
Elderflower syrup
Fresh lemon juice
Tonic water

I know I should use my shaker more but this is a more rustic approach to cocktail making. Place ice in a glass to chill it down. Pour in Bombay Sapphire Gin. Add a good slug of elderflower syrup with a double dose of lemon juice. Top with tonic water. Drink. Repeat if necessary.

Chin chin everyone!



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