Makeover: Putting the robe back into the closet

Closet makeover highlights

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a lot of stuff. This means my closets do overfloweth. A lot.

I collect a fair bit of vintage clothing and I have a great nose for bargains and sales but there never seems to be enough space to house it all.

Before you judge my frivolous wallet, in my defence I can say I buy a lot of quality stuff and I wear almost everything I have…apart from the jeans I haven’t fitted into since I was 23 (they are vintage *cough* 501’s after all).

I live in a 1950s ex State house which means the closets are small. And by small I mean wee. There’s not a lot I can do about their size while Hovi and I rent there, but there’s a lot I can do about what goes in there. The dream of a walk in wardrobe still awaits…

I must have caught the “organise” bug when I made over my bathroom cupboards and dining room shelves recently and decided last week that my messy, can’t find anything closets’ time were up.

First up I worked out what storage tools I needed. I purchased an over the door shoe organiser, bag holder and two wardrobe doublers (they hang from the top rail to give you another level to hang clothes) from Howards Storage World and six fabric storage boxes with a styli chevron design from Spotlight.

Then I was ready to rock and roll. I cleared everything out from each closet, set up the fabric boxes et al and started to fill the closets back up. I already had most of my clothes hanging from wooden hangers because I like the uniformity of the look. Then hey presto! Hovi couldn’t believe his eyes and neither could I. I even hung up my workout clothes instead of littering them on the ground. To top it off I tied cute tags from Peachy on each storage box.

Closet number 1
Closet number 1
Closet number 2
Closet number 2

This is life changing I swear.

Do you think I was dunzo? Nah uh. Why stop at two measly closets when a linen closet awaits. And a laundry cupboard.

Linen closet and laundry makeover

That’s right. Call me the closet whisperer…



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