Inspiration: Get set, sew!

Images: Ornate machineRed machineShelf, Planted shelfBird, Gift tags

If you asked me ‘do I sew’, I could honestly say ‘maybe a straight line…maybe’ but my lack of skill doesn’t mean I love the art of sewing and especially vintage sewing machines any less.

Now you may think that sewing machines are an odd choice for inspiring subject matter, but there you would be wrong. What could be more inspiring than being able to sew a cushion for your home or even your own clothes?

My mum was a pretty good sewer in her day – I even remember being dressed up in the same outfits as my older sister on more than one occasion. I just wish I learnt to sew when I was younger.

I absolutely love the beauty of vintage sewing machines. The intricate designs and patterns on the machines are simply stunning to me and I wonder who owned them and what did they make on them? I also love the way sewing machines shelves are being repurposed too such as using them as planting boxes. I’m keeping a canny eye out on Trade Me land for one of my own as we speak.

Over the summer I plan to get my inherited Elna a good ‘sewing’ to. She needs some fixing and probably a good health check. I might even start to sew some straight lines. It’s only been 26 years or so since sewing classes at school. It can’t be too hard can it?



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