Inspiration: A love affair with Breton stripes

Breton style
Necklace, Red jumper, Sailing, via, HeartPhone,  Audrey

I don’t how long I’ve been wearing breton stripes but I do know they’re one of of my favourite things to wear.

I own numerous tops, not just in the classic navy, but in reds and yellows (fancy I know), and I have at least one jacket and a couple of dresses too. Somehow you can wear them with everything – florals, jeans, patterns – they are the wunderkid of classic yet cool styling. And they never seem to be out of style – just head to your local high street or fashion mecca to spot a touch of Breton. These cool stripes will just lure you in.

Did I mention I even own pillows and shoes with a Breton flavour? Oh yeah, I do love a good stripe.

But it’s not just me who is in love. It’s been a constant in many a stylista’s closet for decades. For that we have to thank the maven of style herself – Coco Chanel. After visiting the French coast, she raised the profile of this humble sailor’s uniform to include them in her collections and so introduced a more casual element to women’s clothing. Vive la révolution!

Adopted by filmstars, the in crowd and mere mortals ever since, it’s a constant classic that I can never resist. Amen to that.



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