Bloomin’ marvellous: Be my peony

Photo from What A Bloom
Photo from What A Bloom

I was going to write about a lovely cocktail recipe I made and supped on this past Labour Weekend (Strawberry Cloud – coming soon) but on this sunny day with a clear blue sky and the birds tweeting just outside the window, I just feel like enjoying something pretty to look at.

That something pretty is my favourite flower in the entire world – the peony. They come in the most gorgeous array of colours, their scent is intoxicating and they change their form from closed up, fast asleep buds to just awoken, shy blooms, then to the “hello! look at me!” stage. In love.

It’s springtime in New Zealand at the moment and the peonies are blooming and beckoning from every flower shop you walk past. We can’t really grow them in Auckland as the climate is too hot (a reason alone to live in cooler climes I think) otherwise I would have tried to grow them in my tiny patch of garden. I wish the season for them was autumn/winter.

On our weekend walks the past two weekends I’ve been lured to every flower stand and shop to stop and smell the peonies. Then unceremoniously dragged away peony-less. Don’t worry peony – I’m coming for you.

What flower do you think is bloomin’ marvellous?




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