Cocktail du jour: Strawberry cloud

Strawberry Cloud cocktail
Strawberry Cloud cocktail

The weather may be looking a little windy in Auckland as I write this, but I have much sunnier memories of the past weekend where I had four (!) days off over Labour weekend and the weather couldn’t have been more obliging.

When you have obliging weather, what better way to celebrate it then to enjoy a cocktail? And I didn’t have to buy anything special to make it.

Cue a punnet of strawberries and some vodka, and the basis of a deliciously berry but tangy cocktail was made.

1x punnet of strawberries
Vodka of choice (plain)
1x Lime
Cup of Ice
Lemonade (or tonic if you prefer a less sweet drink)

The how to:
Clean and hull strawberries. Place the strawberries, ice, juice of one lime, and about a cup of vodka (or free pour like me and hope for the best) into a blender. Blitz until a smooth pulp. Sieve the mix through into a jug to get rid of all the pips. You should have a beautifully crimson concoction left.

Pour your strawberry mix into a glass, about a 1/3. Top with lemonade.

Voila! Now, doesn’t that look like a gorgeous pink cloud? It tastes pretty good too.

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