10 favourite things

10 favourite things 4 November 2013
10 favourite things

This past weekend was a mixture of eating, catching up with family, and even doing a photo shoot! I know, crazy. More on the photo shoot later. I even managed to spend a Friday night by myself (Hovi was out with the boys) eating leftover pizza and drinking wine while catching up on the latest Scandal episode and a few zzz’s.

Somehow I managed to do not one iota of cooking or baking apart from a Saturday night omelette. Crazier.

But anyhoo. Here are my top 10 favourite things I saw, ate, did, drank and enjoyed this weekend in no particular order.

  1. Saturday morning breakfast consisting of a mug of gumboot tea and a hearty combo of peanut butter and cheese toast. Delish.
  2. I spotted these lovelies in the shop window of Annah Stretton. Aren’t the flowers divine?
  3. Dill potatoes and heavenly yolky eggs for brunch at Landreth & Co in Ponsonby Sunday morning with Hovis and my sister.
  4. Fancy pants yours truly got her hair and makeup done for a little photoshoot in Devonport. Can’t wait to share the results (unless my double chin rears it’s pudgy self. Thank god I know a few photoshop experts)
  5. To celebrate surviving a “couples” photoshoot with Hovi, we had a mini celebration of gin & tonics (Bombay Sapphire of course) and prawn cocktail crips at The Patriot in Devonport. Are there really any crips that can beat Walkers?
  6. Yep. Peonies are officially stalking me. After writing about them last week, I should be the proud owner of a bunch of blooming’ peonies by now. Sorry peonies.
  7. I picked up the cutest lacey stamp, colouring in pencils and canvas bag in Maggazino. Couldn’t r-e-s-i-s-t.
  8. On one of our marathon walks, I had to nip into Republic to ooh and ahh over their latest and greatest. I love, LOVE the pouffe and anything blue makes me happy.
  9. This fabbo tribal style necklace was calling to me from the store front window at Storm (repeat to self “must not spend money on another necklace”
  10. My own wee desk that I’ve set up with some of my favourite knick knacks to help me write my blog and do some study. I feel like a grown up. And no more sore neck hunched on the couch with my laptop. Hurrah!

What were some of your favourite things this past weekend?



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