Foil me some copper and bronze jewellery dishes

Copper & bronze jewellery dishes no 1

Aren’t these dishes simply sweet? I saw this project on Decor8 recently (love!) and found myself in Spotlight (a local craft store) hunting down clay and foil a few days later.

I was immediately taken with the idea of making these little dishes not only for me (I do misplace jwellery now and then) but also as a fabulous gift idea. Hello, Christmas?

After procuring all my ingredients (air dry clay, copper pen, and foil – although they were out of copper but settled for the bronze), I set out to make them.

I’ve never used clay before, but it was super easy to make the dishes in the style and size I wanted.A little bit of smodging around and boom! What I didn’t realised was how long it took for them to dry. Boo.

Hence three days later (I wanted to be super sure they were dry) it was time to add some sparkle and bling. Now, the packaging on the clay said it was white. I can tell you it wasn’t. It was definitely a natural colour. I decided to paint them white first before blinging them up. A few coats of white paint later, the sparkle beckoned.

On the smallest (and I think sweetist) dish, I simply drew copper pen around the edges in the thickness I decided. Done.

The other two dishes I used foil glue to make a pattern for the foil to stick to. And I had to wait about 6 hours before it dried. Another boo (I do like me some instant gratification). I had actually never used foil before but enthusiastically got stuck in rubbing it on the glue. However, I realised I should have used much more foil glue to really make the bronze foil stand out. So, more glue ensued. And some more fun with foil.

A few coats of matt varnish and a few hours later… and finally they were done. And I’m really happy with the result.

Copper & bronze jewellery dishes no 2

They would be pretty sweet as a Christmas gift aye?



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