To market to market I go: Takapuna Markets

Takapuna - 7

One of Auckland’s most vibrant markets – Takapuna Market – has been running every Sunday morning for years and years over in the North Shore. It’s colourful riot of food, bric a brac, clothes and flowers and I only wish it was a bit closer to where I live. So instead of getting up at 6am, Hovi and I took a drive over the bridge at at leisurely 8.30am.

Like many markets, Takapuna Market is a melting pot of people, different languages and ethnicities, and a melting pot of delicious smells and sampling heaven.

With a much needed coffee in hand and a beady eye for treasure hunting, I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of my favourite stalls.

Takapuna - 2

Takapuna - 1
Takapuna - 0
Takapuna - 5
Takapuna - 6
Takapuna - 3

A bunch of glorious peonies, some vegetables and a vintage syphon was my lucky haul this time.

I’ve actually started taking photos on my actual camera (an old Panasonic FZ35 still in good nick) rather than my iPhone. Can you tell the difference? I love the photos even though Hovi says I look like a tourist while doing it.

I’ve visited some fabulous markets here and overseas – the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and Queen Vic in Melbourne are definite highlights. Wouldn’t the most amazing holiday be visiting the world’s best markets?

What markets do you love to visit?

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