In the kitchen: Lavender and lemon yo-yos

Lemon and lavender yo-yos

When I used to visit my Grandma Merle as a child, she would always have biscuit tins full of wholesomely wonderful home baked goodies.

There always seemed to be some kind of Anzac biscuit or ginger crunch and there was always a concern that there wouldn’t be enough to go around (there were quite a few Hardy kids plus cousins running riot at any one time so it was a bit of a competition sometimes to make sure you got something…even a few crumbs).

In her baking hey day, Merle didn’t bake anything too fancy, heaven forbid, just delicious, old-fashioned home baking. If my memory serves me correctly (I admit at times it can be a bit dodgy) I’m pretty sure yo-yos were on Merle’s baking menu from time to time.

In the year or so before Merle died when I was in my teens, I would visit her every few weeks to say hello, share her childhood stories over a cup of tea and hopefully sniff around for a biscuit. She wasn’t baking much by then as I think there were concerns over her leaving the oven on, but boy, could she tell a great story! She may have told the same ones over and over, but who cared? Afterwards, she would tell my Dad about the visits from the ‘lovely young lady’ who kept her company over a cup of tea. Obviously her memory wasn’t too hot either.

I decided to bake these lovely yo-yos with lavender and lemon and cream cheese icing the other weekend – something a little old-fashioned with a twist but quite sweet and lovely. I loved the taste of lemon and lavender in the mix and seeing little pink/purple flecks of lavender throughout the biscuit. Cream cheese icing was a little risky I admit but it paid off. And the yo-yos tasted even better the next day.

I hope you enjoy these yo-yos as much as I do.

185g softened butter
60g icing sugar
185g sifted plain flour
1 tablespoon of finely chopped lavender (I plucked some straight from the garden but I’m sure dried would work just as well)
Big squeeze of lemon juice

Cream cheese icing
80g cream cheese
5 tablespoons of icing sugar
Squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of finely chopped lavender

Preheat over to 160 degrees C. Line a tray with baking paper. Cream butter and sugar first, then work in sifted flour, lavender and lemon. Scoop out the biscuit dough into small balls and place on the tray. Gently press a fork into each ball so you can see the fork indents.

Bake in the oven for approximately 10 minutes. The biscuits shouldn’t be brown at all. Cool.

For the icing, combine all the ingredients and adjust the flavours if necessary. Ice the bottom of one cooled yo-yo and sandwich it together with another biscuit.



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