My vintage find: Bronze and copper scales

Copper and bronze scales v2 (1 of 2)

Instead of following my nose to yet again to another fabulous find, this little beauty instead found its way to me.

In exchange for the lend of a vintage handbag, earrings and a cocktail dress (one that I hadn’t worn for 12 years and don’t think I could have pulled up beyond my knees), Hovi’s sister gave me these scales that she was about to bin. To bin! Luckily, it came home to mama.

But it wasn’t in the state of shining glory you now see it. Oh no. Instead it was a sad blackened wee fella in much need of a clean and a polish.

Copper and bronze scales pre polish

See what I mean?

Some Brasso, many blackened cloths and one dead arm later, not to mention the intense smell of Brasso wafting through the house, my bronze scales have been brought back to brilliant life.

I did open the windows and doors while furiously polishing, but I recommend doing this outside if you don’t want to die of toxic fume poisoning. Strangely, I quite liked the smell, but Hovi definitely didn’t.

Now, I’m presuming the scales are bronze as they’re heavy but I love the coppery tone. I am super in love with copper and rose gold as decor accents at the moment.

I already have one vintage Salter scales that lives in my kitchen proudly cradling my eggs but who says you can’t have two scales? Not I. Besides, this handsome fellow is sitting proudly on my coffee table gleaming coppery and bronze.

I particularly love the weights. Isn’t that 2lbs weight just gorgeous. In love.

What vintage find have you brought home recently?



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