My week in instagrams

Instagram November 2013

I don’t know about you but I’ve been using Instagram sooooo much lately. I used to be so private about what I got up to but now, way hey! Not that I share my noggin that much but anything that I think is pretty cool, interesting, fall in love with or captures my fancy is fair game.

So on the topic of sharing, I thought I’d share a week or so of some of the things, places and food (inevitable #1 topic) that I captured on me phone. From vintage finds in Hamilton (hello blue sewing machine and Glomesh bag), magnums and perfect poached eggs courtesy of our visit to the in-laws in Hamilton, ogling dinosaurs and owls at The Warehouse and encouraging a lemon water rage at work, it’s been a varied week in Insta-land.

It’s funny because I’m learning to take better photos on an actual ca-mer-ra (remember those?) and it’s a varied, infinite and fascinating subject to wrestle with. It’s a slow process so don’t be too quick to judge my actual bloggy photos. They’ll get better soon…I promise. When it comes to Insta-land, anyone can be an instant super awesome photog. I wish I had invented it. I’d be a squillionaire. As it is, I’m happy to share it with my huge 15 followers. That’s right, 15. And they’re awesome. It’s about quality not quantity people.

Do you use Instagram and what do you post? And by the way, you can actually follow me on Instagram here. Because I know you are quality folk.




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