Cocktail du jour: Minted Pear Vodkatini

Pear vodka and mint martini

So, there I was on Saturday afternoon weeding the garden and getting a nice yoke of sunburn around my neck for my troubles. What does this have to do with cocktails you ask? Well, I’m just getting down to it.

I was in the outdoors for a good hour on a gloriously fine (and almost) summers day in Auckland, and when I came inside I took one look at my red sweaty face and knew the only cure could be a cold shower and an even colder cocktail.

Luckily the red face was due to my outdoors exertion and not due to the shame of being cooked by New Zealand’s unforgiving sun. However, a wee necklace of sunburn remains. It’s definitely SPF weather from now on.

And the cocktail? Getting there I promise. Luckily or unluckily a bottle of rose was already chilling so I decided to glug on that with the promise of a cocktail the next day.

In my household we have an overabundance of vodka (hello, duty free) and I spied a bottle of Absolu Pears Vodka lurking at the back of the shelf. Hmmm, I thought. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

I wanted something fresh and cooling and with the mint going crazy in the garden, a pairing with some pear flavours are just perfect!

Remember I free pour so no actual quantities are specified.

Absolu Pears Vodka
Fresh mint
Sugar syrup*
Fresh lemon juice
Tonic Water

*Dissolve a cup of sugar into some hot water until sugar crystals are gone. Cool.

Place ice, pear vodka, a good dollop of sugar syrup, half a squeeze of a juice lemon and mint leaves in a blender. Blend together well. Sieve contents into a jug. Pour the strained mixture into a glass and top with tonic.




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