My vintage find: Dressmaker’s mannequin

Vintage dressmaker mannequin

For years and years I’ve yearned for a proper dressmaker’s mannequin. The kind that’s seen a lot of action, a lot of pins and chalk and a whole lot of pretty dresses.

You know the kind I mean – the kind that would reside in the boudoir of a fabulously stylish Parisienne or prop up the glamourous lifestyle of a 1940’s movie star. It would be a little faded now but the stories it could tell!

I imagined my mannequin living it up in a corner of my walk in wardrobe (another dream) and dressing it in all sorts of vintage regalia, kind of like pretending I had my own shop window and styling it with props and costumes from my own collection.

Well, the walk in wardrobe hasn’t happened yet but the acquirement of a dressmaker’s mannequin has. It’s all thanks to a little Trade Me stalking (New Zealand’s equivalent of eBay).

While I doubt it once belonged to a famous couturier like Coco Chanel or Christian Dior, I think it’s a thing of beauty. While it may not be as fancy as some (like this!), it’s plainness is simply lovely. I adore the wooden neck and the steel pins hammered in at certain points. I even love the stains. Because it tells a story about a dressmaker who had the skills to make clothes for someone. And that’s a beautiful story.

Vintage dressmakers mannequin with vintage dress-6

I had to dress it up in another vintage find. I acquired the above dress recently from a lovely shore called CouCou in Customs Street, Auckland. They sell a fabulous blend of vintage and UK labels. Isn’t it pretty?

What fabulous vintage finds have found you?



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