Hang your garden

Hanging garden

Over the past few months I’ve been busy making my deck a little more attractive. I’ve planted lavender, positioned yukkas in the corners, added some succulents, and of course some flowers. There’s still a bit to go, but I’m loving it.

But what’s a deck if you don’t have a hanging garden? These fabulous little felt pockets that conveniently hang over the railing or bolted into a wall can make both big and small spaces come alive.

Because my deck is like the surface of the sun mid summer, I’ve been pretty careful to plant flowers and herbs that will hopefully survive our unforgiving climate.

On one side facing the vegetable garden, I’ve planted thyme, chives and sage (plus a few pretty flowers). I would have loved to have shown you a photo of it from this side, but due to it’s height from the deck and my gorgeous clothes line swaying merrily in front it, it’s a little hard getting a decent shot.

And it appears I’m not the only one in love with this concept – from TV3’s The Block, to building spaces, and even in Union Post in Ellerslie last weekend, they seem to be cropping up everywhere.

The lovely hanging gardens at Union Post
The lovely hanging gardens at Union Post

My little hanging garden may not be the legendary hanging gardens of Babylon, but they’re pretty cool. And I can’t wait until they grow in even more.

And the best thing? You can reuse them again and again.Oh yeah.


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