It’s a very berry summer

Berry summer

I’m not a fruit lover at all. Apart from lemons and bananas, I literally have to force myself to eat a piece of fruit. But when it comes to berries, I have to stop myself from being greedy.

When I was a kid, our local swimming hole was Pohongina River and to get there we had to walk down a long, steep hill called Saddle Rd. After a swim, walking back up that hill was never fun so we would make frequent stops on the side of the road where bushes full of blackberries beckoned. We would happily gorge ourselves, the only remaining evidence when we got home with pink stained hands and berry splattered clothes.

I’ve made lots of recipes with strawberries recently because they just taste so good and look oh, so pretty.  And now that blueberries, raspberries and blackberries have infiltrated the local greengrocers shelves, they’re my fruit of choice.

And so what if I end up with berry stained hands.

It’s a very berry blissful time.


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