My vintage find: Sewing machine

Vintage sewing machine v2

If you’ve read my a previous post of mine, you may have read I quite like sewing machines, especially vintage ones. Ironic really since I can’t really sew.

You know how you get a little bit obsessed about finding something until you actually do, er, find it? Well, I’m one of those people. And I was really obsessed with finding a old sewing machine that had seen a bit of life, sewed some pretty frocks and looked pretty gorgeous to boot.

So, onto Trade Me I went – our local Kiwi version of eBay. There are surprisingly quite a few for sale, some more expensive than others and some had really fallen into their dog days. I really had my heart set on a Singer and fell for a few that were still intact with their sewing desks.

Alas, in my tiny house there’s no actual space to put something that big. But maybe one day…

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I didn’t. $30 all up. I can’t actually read the make as it’s faded out but if you know, please enlighten me.

All I did to clean her up (and of course it has to be a her) was a general wipe down with rags and water, a little bit of brasso on the rusty bits (but some is still there which I quite like) and I polished the wood until it shone proudly.

My intention was to never use the sewing machine but proudly display her, a reminder of how once upon a time we used to make most of our clothes. And I love the imperfections.

Wouldn’t she look lovely on a hallway table with some lovely green foliage, books, photos and some favourite knick knacks to show her off?



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