This weekend I: A view from the top of Rangitoto

Rangitoto climb 1
Looking from Rangitoto back to Auckland City

I’ve lived in Auckland for about 17 years now and in all that time I have never ventured to Rangitoto, Auckland’s iconic extinct volcano that is such an integral part of the Auckland landscape.

In fact, I have a such a great view of Rangitoto from our deck, that Hovi and I finally decided post New Years to take a ferry to the island and walk to the summit.

Rangitoto climb 3

The ride over was lovely from downtown Auckland but before we knew it we had reached the island with about a hundred other island hoppers. It took about an hour to reach the top, and man, it was a hot day. I even got a sock tan! And my friends know I don’t actually tan, just turn a darker shade of white.

Rangitoto climb 2

There are simply stunning views looking back to the city and beyond. A fun walk that I’ve finally ticked off my to do list.



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