My vintage find: Baking dishes

Vintage bakeware

I love to bake and I love a good bargain. If the words bake, bargain and vintage somehow end up in the same sentence, then it has to be love at first sight.

I’ve been searching for some old but serviceable bakeware in op shops and on Trade Me and recently I found these wee beauties. I bought a couple of cake tins, various cookie cutters and pie dishes. Why vintage? They tend to be really good quality, the designs are often unique and they’re sooooo much cheaper than their modern counterparts.

Sure, they need some elbow grease, but once I give them a bit of a spit and polish I’ll be able to whip up some fabulous recipes.



2 thoughts on “My vintage find: Baking dishes

  1. I remember finding all my grandma’s bakeware when we cleared her house, they must be almost 70 years old and they’re still going strong. They never warp in the oven but you have to grease them really well, no non-stick coatings here!

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