In the Kitchen: Strawberry and chocolate cheesecake

Strawberry and chocolate cheesecake v2

If you saw my post this past Monday, you would have seen me skiting about this decadently and delicious concoction I made for a Sunday high tea celebration.

Because there were a few dietary requirements in Hovi’s family, this cheesecake is both dairy and gluten free. Crazy huh? It looks like the full fat deal I know!

I did have to hunt down a few key ingredients such as the dairy free cream cheese (bought the lucky last tub at Huckleberry Farm – phew) and who knew that cashew nuts are so expensive? Luckily I had most of the other ingredients in the pantry.

The ingredients may be a bit more costly than your average cheesecake, but for a special occasion it was worth it. And while the time it took to make wasn’t a quick flash in the pan, I was so happy with the end result. And no baking required! Just setting time in the fridge. I even managed to transport the cheesecake in the car just as you see it in the photo above. This cheesecake ain’t no delicate wallflower but it is as pretty as a picture.

I wish I could claim this recipe as mine but I owe that to the lovely Chelsea Winter of MasterChef NZ fame – on her website she has a whole lot of equally delicious recipes to try out. And follow her on Facebook – she is equal parts hilarious and genius in the kitchen. Huzah!

Check out the how to in Chelsea’s recipe here.

Comedy and baking. The two definitely go hand in hand.



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