In the Kitchen: Tomato jam

Tomato Jam-2

I’ve never made tomato jam before partly because I forget a tomato is technically a fruit and partly because the thought never crossed my mind.

Tomato chutney? Sure. Tomato salsa? Absolutely. Tomato Jam? If I can spread it on my toast, why not?

You may know my garden has been shooting out an abundance of tomatoes as fast as we can pick them and I didn’t want any to go to waste.

I stumbled upon this scrumptious tomato jam recipe from Serious Eats when I was searching for some recipes. I’m quite enthusiastic when it comes to canning fruit so was quite keen to give it a go.

Now it’s a jam ok, so it’s sweet, but if you want more spiciness, punch it up with more chilli flakes.

The result? It’s absolutely delicious with cheese, spread on crackers and sandwiches, and I’m sure I can punch up some chilli or bolognese with it.

Sweet, tangy and oh, it spreads on toast just fine.


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