In the kitchen: Raspberry & dark chocolate cake

Raspberry chocolate cake

I realised recently that I hadn’t made cupcakes in like, forever. Once upon a time it seemed I baked a batch to bring into work every week.

To rediscover my love for little cakes it only took the persuasive nature of a certain Valentines Day to revive the tradition.

But I didn’t want to bake just any old cupcakes. Oh no. I wanted to make them just a leetle bit special. Cue some lovely vintage baking tins with curvy lines and a desire to make merry a happy marriage of a dark chocolate and raspberry combo.

I found the tins on auction site Trade Me a few months ago and I has been dying to bake with them every since.

I stumbled upon this little recipe from Two Peas and their Pod and gave it a go with mucho appreciation for the final result.

I simply loved how the shape of the cake turned out with it’s curvy folds around the outer edges. In fact it was a perfect size for two to share. And Hovi and I did just that over a glass or two of champagne on Valentines Day night. And just so my work folk didn’t miss out, I brought into work the same day smaller cupcake versions.

The only thing to differ from the recipe was I made a deliciously tangy but sweet raspberry filling that I injected into the cakes once they had cooled and before I iced them. A zingy way to cut some of that sweetness. All you need to do is mix a cup of frozen or fresh raspberries and add some icing sugar to taste then use a cupcake holer thingy before filling it with the raspberry filling.

Oh, and for a finishing touch I sprinkled some dried raspberry powder over the icing. Lip smackingly good.

What sweet treats have you been baking for loved ones recently?



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