DYI: Mama’s house part 2

Mamas DYI 2 garden 5

In my previous post about the DYI on Mum’s house, I talked about the lounge, dining and kitchen which were major work let me tell you. But it was oh, so worth it.

But so much more was to come. Here’s s taste of before:

Mamas DYI 2 grid

Inside the house we did a fair bit of work in the bathroom and loo, and even a major paint over of the existing wallpaper in the hallway (at that point into DYI week – probably day 4 or 5 – no one had the energy to strip a giant hallway of its wallpaper and paint it.)

But let me start with ze loo. Nothing major needed to be done with it apart from a major paint job. I helped to strip the existing wallpaper (stubborn little sucker) and I managed to give it its first undercoat. I didn’t know how hard it was to paint in such a tiny space. I swear I was doing spiderman impressions on a ladder bent over backwards painting the ceiling. The lovely DYI crew finished it off with a simple semi-gloss white and some new hardware. So it was hello to a new loo. Nice.

And then came the bathroom. We pretty much agreed it had seen better days but budget dictated what we could and couldn’t do. One of the first things we did was strip the wallpaper and prep it for painting. Then much delight ensued when the hideous old cupboards were torn out. Yee har!

Alas the hideous apricot spa bath and vinyl floor had to remain. But at least with a splash of new paint, and shower curtains it was somewhat disguised. And with the installation of some new cupboards, hardware, mixer and mirror, a simple and clean makeover was complete.

Mamas bathroom

As for the hallway, we glued down any sticky up wallpaper and preceded to undercoat then paint it in the same Resene Quarter Tea as the lounge, dining and kitchen.

Mum’s house had three bedrooms and we had no time to do anything to them apart from a clean and tidy. Oh, and a good carpet clean throughout the house.

Even the laundry, which is technically outside the house, got a new fresh lick of paint.

A friendly electrician also replaced a whole lot of outlets, souped up the ancient power board, and generally put our minds at ease that the house was wired just fine.

On the Friday, we got some amazing news. We found out that Mum could get free ceiling and floor installation, an amazing $4k worth, because she is a Gold Card member, her house was built pre-2000 (actually built in 1947) and lives in her house. We were stoked! And the installation was done by the end of DYI week. A relief to know it would be warm and snug little house.

But I haven’t even got to the outside. While a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears were expended on the interior, pretty much the same went for the outside.

Mamas DYI 2 garden 1

A massive amount of gardening took place throughout the week at the front and back of the house. And we even rediscovered some overgrown pavers to the disused front door which we made a feature again. We even sprayed (and walked away) to get rid of the moss on the roof.

The garage was cleaned out, some trellis was put up on the dividing wall between Mum’s house and the neighbours, and new pavers were laid out outside the kitchen entrance.

After nine days, two skip bins, a mountain of chocolate, no showers, and only a few family dramas, a family of DYIers with skills that ranged from expert to ‘what the?’ finally got it done. We even kept within budget.

One giant DYI tick.



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