Cocktail du jour: Raspbetini

Raspbetini cocktail-2

There’s something really evocative about raspberries. Dare I say it but if strawberries are the Marilyn Monroe of the berry world are raspberries more the cool, blond Grace Kelly type? And would blueberries be Audrey Hepburnesque? And what about blackberries?

But let me bring myself back from a slightly weird celluloid parable.

I love raspberries because at first the taste can be really subtle, but when a hint of sweetness starts to take hold, they kiss you with their tang.

Seduced by raspberries? You bet. Here’s my current love affair with this deliciously sweet and tangy Raspbetini.

1 cup of frozen raspberries thawed
Handful of fresh mint
Sugar syrup*
Ice cubes
Vodka (quantity to taste)
Tonic water


*Dissolve a cup of sugar into some hot water until sugar crystals are gone. Cool.

Place raspberries, mint, ice, vodka, a good dollop of sugar syrup and mint leaves in a blender. Blend together well. Sieve contents into a jug. Pour the strained mixture into a glass, about 1/3, and top with tonic water. Garnish with mint.

Prepare to be charmed.



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