My Vintage Find: Clarice Cliff china

Clarice Cliff v3-3

Art Deco design is one of my loves. And when it comes to lovely china, Clarice Cliff takes the plate.

Clarice Cliff, a china artist and designer, first came to prominence in the 1930s and she’s well know for her more flamboyant colourful styles. But I fell cup and saucer for her more simple and elegant design called ‘Newport’. I simply love this gorgeous cream china with apple green accents and gold trim and isn’t the fluted design simply gorgeous?

I first saw Newport on an auction site about four years ago and I’ve been picking up bits and pieces ever since. I seem to be able to sniff out Clarice Cliff within 20 paces!

I’ve used this china for special occasions and not so special occasions as I think good china shouldn’t just be trotted out once a year. And one day I would love a complete set but for now, I’m quite happy collecting one precious piece at a time.



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