My vintage find: Shipping trunk

Vintage shipping trunk

A few years ago lying forlornly in a dark and dusty corner inside an old barn in the Waitakeres, I first saw this amazing shipping trunk.

The then owner said she believed it had belonged to a Great Aunt who had travelled from the United States to New Zealand to live.

Produced by the Oshkosh Shipping Company around 1929, I can just imagine the journeys and destinations this trunk has been to and from. There is still an old sticker on the top of the trunk that you can still make out the faint words of the Cunard Shipping Line. You know, the same Line that once owned the Luistania and Mauretania.

The brass may be tarnished now, and the hinges a little rusty but I count it as one of most valuable vintage treasures.

Vintage shipping trunk no 2

With different sized drawers inside, the trunk now contains my new and vintage handbag collection. But you can imagine how once, a long time ago, perhaps a young woman kept her most precious things inside as she voyaged to the New World.



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