In the Kitchen: Beef and Guinness Pie

Steak & Guinness Pie v3

While my better half always tastes and enjoys all my baking, it’s no secret that he really enjoys savoury over sweet dishes any day.

And for his birthday recently, he requested that instead of a cake, could he have a pie. Hence the idea of a birthday pie rolled around.

I searched for the perfect pie and Jamie Oliver’s Beef and Guinness pie recipe took the cake, er, I mean pie.

This is pie is delicious rich with tender beef, heavenly gravy and crispy pastry. The only thing I didn’t include in the recipe was the cheese but I don’t think we missed out. And while I would have normally made my own pastry, I knew that hot off the plane from a weekend in Sydney, I wouldn’t have had the patience to wrestle with pastry in a too warm kitchen. So store bought the pastry was. Great stuff!

I served the pie simply with peas and carrots and made some extra gravy. I don’t think there is more of a perfect combination.

And the Birthday Boy couldn’t have agreed more.



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