In the kitchen: Lemon meringue pie


Lemon meringue pie

When I was about 10 years old I started to bake. Every Sunday I would select a recipe from one of my mum’s battered and floured cooking books and attempt to bake something that vaguely resembled the recipe pictures.

One of those recipes I baked was lemon meringue pie. As a child I don’t think you tend to get daunted by a lot and making pastry, lemon curd and meringue from scratch probably didn’t even make me blink!

But as childhood memories go, making this pie takes me back to mum and I watching old black and white movies and gobbling up every morsel I baked.

As an adult I do wonder though how on earth I made the meringue with a hand held beater?!

The good news about this recipe (from BBC’s Good Food), is while it does take some concentration (especially making the pastry to which my skill is oftentimes haphazard, the end result is pure delight. The pastry is sweet and crumbly, the lemon curd with a hint of sweet orange is tantalisingly good and the meringue is really heaven sent. I made the pastry the day before and whipped up the lemon curd and meringue on the day.

I’m not afraid to confess that apart from one small slice, I ate the entire pie over a week. Divine.

Happy eating.



One thought on “In the kitchen: Lemon meringue pie

  1. My mouth is watering! The memories attached to this for you sound beautiful. I have a little lemon tree full of un-ripe lemons that are just waiting for this recipe X

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