In the kitchen: Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross bun 1-2

I simply love hot cross buns. The spicy cinnamon, the orange zest, the sweet pops of fruit, and the lashings of butter melting into a freshly baked or toasted bun.

For someone who loves hot cross buns not a single one had jumped into my belly before this week. I have no explanation except I was determined to make my own and I only got round to it on Monday.

And they’re not just any old hot cross bun. They’re Paul Hollywood’s recipe – you know that silver fox of a baker best known for his come hither bready ways from The Great British Bakeoff.

Hot cross bun 2

Any bread recipe, of course, takes a bit of time and patience but isn’t it grand to watch dough rise and rise? This time round I substituted cranberries for sultanas and used olive oil instead of sunflower.

The result? Perfectly lovely zest buns halfway between bread and a scone. Divine. Pass the butter.

Happy Easter everyone.



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