In the kitchen: Chicken with chorizo and paprika

Chicken chorizo-2

So there I was lying in bed one morning when lo and behold, the lovely Bill Granger comes on telly enticing me with his posh Notting Hill recipes. But the good news is even though Bill himself is based in Notting Hill, his recipes are far from posh. In fact, they’re both easy to make and delicious.

This chicken and chorizo recipe is not only top notch but simply perfect when you need some comfort food. On an Easter weekend where it was raining on and off, I pretended it was cold and went to it. Spicy, tasty and warming all at once – it’s like being wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

I ended up adding a cup of rice for the last 15 minutes and the beans for the final 10 minutes. I then gave it a nice squeeze of lemon juice to add some extra tang. Check out the recipe here.

Bill, meet some new fans. Fans, meet Bill.



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