Hobsonville Point markets

Hobsonville markets-3

I love finding new places to visit in the weekend and a few weekends ago, Hovi and I took ourselves to the Hobsonville Point markets to see what we could find.

With gorgeous weather aiding and abetting marketeers like ourselves and only a quick 30 minute drive from home early on Saturday morning, we arrived just before the market was officially open.

We decided to walk along the coastline and take in the area first before we explored the market. From the very picturesque bay at Hobsonville Point where the former RNZAF airbase once resided, we tramped for about 30 minutes around the coastal walk.

Hobsonville markets v3

The walk itself wasn’t very scenic as it was enclosed with fences that were blackened out, but we did get to see some old RNZAF hangers and buildings.

When we got back to the market, it was a bustling scene of stalls, people and dogs! The majority of the market is held within a cool old hanger and with a coffee to fortify us, we ogled every stall. Everyone was so friendly and I’ve never had so many free samples in my life.

Hobsonville markets-2

We bought fruit and veges, sandwich spreads, chutneys and jams and ate a bacon and egg pie for breakfast.

Hobsonville Point is undergoing a huge development at the moment and has a simply lovely vibe to it.

Never having been to this market before, I’ll definitely be back.



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