My vintage find: Vernon Ward swan prints

Vernon Ward

It’s no secret I’ve got a bit of a thing for swans. More of the inanimate variety though, swans in real life are a little too mean! Let’s just stick to the balletic, graceful versions shall we?

Vernon Ward was an English painter of still and wild life who rose to prominence in the 1960s. I don’t know a lot about Vernon (love that name) but I do know his paintings were replicated on jigsaws, placemats, chocolate boxes and tins and I think his work has such a still and sweet charm about them.

I picked up these little beauties off  (you guessed it) Trade Me a number of years ago and since then they’ve hung on various walls and in my different homes ever since.

I’m moving to a new house soon (yah!) and I can’t wait to find them a new home to hang.




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